PRI and SIP Trunking

Fiber-optic voice services

Our Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a channelized digital trunk service to connect a PBX or key system to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

The PRI provides 24 channels (23B + 1D) on a T1 interface on your premises.


Cost savings

Having a PRI provides a cost-efficient alternative to terminating individual analog trunks into a PBX system.

Digital vs. analog technology

Our PRI uses digital rather than analog technology between the PSTN network and your premises for better security and fault tolerance.

Standard interface

The PRI interface is a worldwide standard supported by all PBX manufacturers. It includes voice channels as well as the D channel for call set-up and tear-down functionality.

Enhanced capability

Our PRI has the capability to include two-way trunks and Caller ID (name/number) notification. It also reduces call set-up times by utilizing D channel out of band signaling across the PSTN network.

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