Wireless Internet Backup

Stay connected during the unexpected

Providing Peace of Mind

Business owners often assume their internet connection is “always on”, but sometimes the unexpected happens. If a network connection is lost due to some sort of disruption, work can be interrupted, causing a loss in production and revenue.

Our Wireless Internet Backup (WIB) service keeps things going by providing a seamless, effective, and critical piece of redundancy in today’s online world. It instantly switches your connection to a cellular network, automatically activating to prevent downtime resulting from loss of connection to the Internet.

This cost-effective solution allows you to maintain the use of mission-critical devices. If you use point-of-sale systems, phone lines, or online ordering tools, having WIB will ensure a smooth and continuous operation of your business – keeping your business connected so that your employees can do their jobs and take care of your customers.

Features and Benefits

Consistent Connection

Automatic or “anytime” failover and failback, so you always have the fastest available connection.

Business Continuity

Dual SIM Cards provide redundancy and diversity to seamlessly keep your critical operations running.

Professionally Managed

Cloud managed portal for centralized media one business services  management.

Flexible Data Plans

Choose a plan to fit your budget and needs. Only pay for what you use.

Important information

WIB is an optional service, available to you if you have purchased Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) or Business Class Internet (BCI) frommedia one business services . It is designed to provide temporary access to the Internet in the event of the failure of your primary Internet access service. When your Internet access service resumes, the router used to provide WIB will transition back to that service and cease the WIB.

It is currently offered at two levels, Bronze and Silver, each with a fixed maximum on the data (“Excess Data Threshold”) that may be transmitted using the service.

Service Level Data Cap Excess Data Threshold Price per GB used over Data Cap
Bronze 20 Gig 50 Gig $12/GB, up to 30GB
Silver 50 Gig 150 Gig $12/GB, up to 100GB

The “Data Cap” is the amount of data that can be transferred at no additional cost above the monthly fee for WIB. Once the Data Cap is reached, additional data up to the amount of the “Excess Data Threshold” can be transferred for $12/Gig.

For example, the Silver service level includes 100GB of purchasable usage (at $12/Gig) over the Data Cap of 50GB, for a total Threshold of 150GB.

With Bronze, you get 30GB over the Data Cap of 20GB, for a total of 50GB that can be used.

Important information to consider when evaluating WIB as a service:

  • WIB is not intended for primary use and does not include SLAs
  • WIB is not a stand-alone service; only purchasable with DIA or BCI
  • Data usage up to the selected Data Cap is included with the purchased WIB service
  • Usage from the Data Cap to the Excess Data Threshold is metered
    • Data from the Data Cap to the Excess Data Threshold is charged at the applicable rate in the Customer’s agreement
  • No available usage above the Excess Data Threshold
    • For example, if your business has the Silver service level, the Excess Data Threshold that can be purchased is 100 Gigs in addition to the 50 Gigs in the Data Cap, for a total of 150Gigs. The WIB service will transfer a total maximum of 150 Gigs in a given billing month
  • Available usage resets with each billing cycle
  • If or when you reach the maximum amount of data for the option you have purchased in a given billing period (Data Cap + Excess Data Threshold), the router used to provide WIB will shut down, and no additional data may be purchased or transmitted for the rest of that billing period. At the beginning of the next billing period, the router will re-set, and the maximum amount of data usable with WIB will re-set for the new billing period. Data usage with WIB is not metered.
  • The SLA (if any) applicable to your primary Internet access service does not apply to WIB.
  • Please refer to Section 2.7 in Article 2 of media one business services  Service-Specific for terms specifically applicable to WIB

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